Along with our home office in Dade City, FL , Schwend has 3 other terminals spanning the southeast region of the United States; each providing their own unique skill set. This wide coverage allows for us to efficiently move freight and keep drivers fleeted from many directions.

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Schwend Terminal Map

(800) 342-2619

Dade City Terminal

Dade City, FL  (MAP LINK)

Home Terminal — Opened in 1976

28945 Johnston Rd
Dade City, FL 33523


Toll Free: 800-342-2619
or 800-243-7757

Company President:
Jeff Schwend

 Joanna Schwend

Chief Operating Officer:
 Tom Black

Dispatch Contact:
Kristine Wolf , Maureen Connelly, Frank Yarboro, Nicole Suggs & Tiffany LaSchomb

Email: dispatch@schwendinc.com
Fax: 352-588-2221




Billing Supervisor:
Margaret Hayes

 Diana Childres

Jessica Lee , Janet Marrone & Mya Schwend 

Accounts Manager:
Michelle Cumbee

Financial Controller:
Tammy Wells


Safety Supervisor:
Harriett Craig

Safety Contact:
Toni Wheeles, Lynn Strube & Cayley Pearce

Email: safety@schwendinc.com


Terry Jackson, Payne Bravo,
Anthony Rouch Sr, Anthony Rouch Jr, Dwaine Kessler, Mark Bailey, Brandon Black & Ryan Kersey

Email: shop@schwendinc.com




Tampa Terminal

Tampa, FL (MAP LINK)

Opened in 2004

4020 North 40th St
Tampa, FL 33610


Toll Free: 877-374-2855

Terminal Manager:
Scott Wilson



Dispatch Contact:
Robert Drozdowski & John Gancedo

Email: dispatch@schwendinc.com

Fax: 813-628-9118

Jasper Terminal

Jasper, TN (MAP LINK)

Opened in 2007

339 Commerce Place
Jasper, TN 37347


Toll Free: 866-668-4217

Terminal Manager:
Chad Zitzelberger

Dispatch Contact:
Megan Smith, Kyli Smith, Vikki Kodluboy & Michael Main

Email: dispatch@schwendinc.com

Business Development:
Rachel Saltsman

Email: rachel@schwendinc.com
Phone: (423)942-6859

Recruiting Manager: 
Catherine Deist

Hiring Specialist:
Nicole Langlais

Email: recruiter@schwendinc.com
Phone: 423-896-1014

Apryl Carritt & Tori Swindle


Georgia Terminal

Montezuma, GA (MAP LINK)

Opened in 2017

266 State Route 26

Elko, GA 31025


Terminal Manager:
Bryan Forehand

Natalie Crane & Nicole Higgs 

Email: dispatch@schwendinc.com


With multiple trailers to choose from and an in house logistics team, Schwend has the right equipment and personnel to meet the specific needs of our customers.

Driver Opportunities

Whether you are looking for a company, owner operator, lease contract or dedicated position; we offer competitive pay and benefits in each field.


Schwend’s logistical team is here for all your brokering needs, whether it be sporadic loads or dedicated positions.