Environment & Safety

At Schwend we strive to keep the most up to date equipment and provide adequate training in order to maintain a safe and efficient work environment.



Along with embracing the latest in technology, our company tractors are now mostly 2013 and 2017 emission standard powered which mean they use DEF, a urea-based chemical reactant designed to reduce NOx emissions which in turn contributes to a cleaner environment.  Schwend also has installed APU’s (Auxiliary Power Units) on our over the road trucks that allow for less particulate matter to be released into our environment.



Schwend takes an aggressive stance to ensure Safety for all. By training all personnel, insuring our drivers are trained with all customer written procedures and safety protocol at delivery and loading facilities. With our diligent training and demanding hiring practices we strive to insure the safety of the people that share the nation’s highways with our trucks that transport the products that are a vital part of our survival. Safety will always be an integral part of our daily operations and policies because it is our highest priority. Our applicants go through a detailed pre-screening process that includes complete background checks, pre employment drug testing and physicals to ensure they are qualified to meet the demands of the position for which they have applied. 

Schwend’s management culture lends to dedicated, loyal, long term, service and safety oriented professional employees and contractors. An exemplary example of this can be based upon our turnover. Whether it is in our offices, in our shop, or in the cabs of our drivers and contractors trucks, our turnover rate is unparalleled compared to industry averages of 100%. In fact, we are very proud to say turnover amongst our local fleet of contract drivers is 0%. Our contract drivers also have an average of 21 years of driving experience. Safety can be directly attributed to turnover. When there is a constant churn of new drivers, despite training, the potential for an accident is heightened. Our dedicated service and safety record is attributable to our lack of turnover which lends to a mentality of a common goal: Service and Safety.

Much of this culture is accredited to best practices in hiring and truly personifying the family business culture by how our people are treated. As in any family unit the members are willing to do what it takes to help each other to get the job done. This can be no truer than with-in our organization.

Schwend believes that safety is the responsibility of every level of management, beginning with our President. It is the responsibility of all managers to:

  • Provide a safe working environment
  • Provide safety training that is continuous
  • Provide proper protective equipment
  • Eliminate unsafe acts through immediate corrective actions
  • Abide by all applicable safety rules and regulations
  • Maintain a safe environment for all people
  • Comply with safety, health, and environmental laws and regulations
  • Work in a safe manner in accordance with company accident prevention policies, procedures and programs

Currently, we are utilizing the functionality of EVIR electronic vehicle inspection reporting from our Omnitracs units that send safety and maintenance related issues directly to our safety and maintenance departments which allows for quick remediation of issues. Both company truck and trailer equipment are speced to achieve the most efficiency and weight savings. We have speced wide based tires and lift axles on some trailers.

To insure our drivers are properly trained we often arrange for a seasoned driver to accompany new drivers to facilities to observe and train on safety procedures and protocol.  Schwend provides written procedures along with training.

Managing and working with a commitment to safety contributes to the improved efficiency of our operations, ensures the future success and prosperity of our employees, customers, company, and the community.

Schwend, Inc. is fully committed to our safety philosophy.


With multiple trailers to choose from and an in house logistics team, Schwend has the right equipment and personnel to meet the specific needs of our customers.

Driver Opportunities

Whether you are looking for a company, owner operator, lease contract or dedicated position; we offer competitive pay and benefits in each field.


Schwend’s logistical team is here for all your brokering needs, whether it be sporadic loads or dedicated positions.