Who We Are

Schwend, Inc., is a quality driven company specializing in serving the transportation related needs of customers who share our value of high quality service, continuous improvement, and employee support and development.

Jeff Schwend

As the president at Schwend, Inc I’ve had many roles. When old enough to push a broom, I was in the shop cleaning up and as I got older I transitioned to a mechanic which, in the early days was a 7 day a week job keeping the old equipment together.

At the age of 25 I transitioned from working in the shop to the office and filled every roll, from safety, billing, dispatch, payables and accounting. When my parents retired in the early 2000’s, I filled the roll as president for which they left me a blank slate.

With passion, a drive for success and most importantly a great sense of humor I took a small, proud, family trucking company and grew it into the business it is today. With 5 terminals at present and no sign of stopping till we reach world domination (remember the humor). This couldn’t have been accomplished without the support of my family, and of course the desire to surround myself with like-minded people that have grown to be my extended family here at Schwend. Having and retaining the family culture is very important in our success.

With that said I have a few sayings: The good thing about working at a family business is that we treat you like family and the bad thing about working at a family business is that we treat you like family. The only dumb question is the one not asked and every day is safety day.

I still enjoy working in the shop on Saturdays; I always get a kick at the wonderment people that are new to the company express at seeing the company president getting greasy, changing brakes, oil, etc. This along with helping others and my Sunday therapy sessions on my motorcycles help keep me centered. I consider myself a Jack of all trades and master of none.

Jeff Schwend | President, Schwend, Inc.

Our Mission

Our goal at Schwend is to provide the highest level of transportation services as well as safe and timely deliveries, with fair and competitive pricing while providing a safe work place for our employees and maintaining integrity, fairness and honesty with our customers and business partners.

A measure of success

A measure of success is not necessarily material things but a series of accomplishments no matter how large or small.

We Believe in

A drive to better oneself and those around you.



Our Beginning

Charles and Judi Schwend started Schwend in 1976 offering exceptional service to the agricultural industry. Schwend started out with only two trucks hauling molasses. The company soon realized that hauling citrus pellets, an animal feed produced from food byproducts of citrus processing used for feedstuff would also be a good revenue generator. To be able to haul these pellets Charles converted a van trailer to a hopper trailer, by cutting holes with hatches on the top of the trailer and sloping the interior of the trailer using plywood then engineering slides in the bottom of the trailer to allow the product to bottom drop into underground pits for ease of delivery. With Charles’ innovativeness Schwend had its first hopper bottom grain trailer. The company added pneumatic tanks in 1986 to expand our operations and to provide more options to our customers. Schwend has more recently added walking floors and food grade pneumatic tanks to our fleet. We continue to expand our operation to provide more options to our customers.

Family Owned and Operated Since 1976

Schwend Today

Schwend, Inc. now under the leadership of President, Jeffrey Schwend, offers the complete and professional services of a full-line trucking company. As his father Charles, did in ­­­the 1970’s by converting the van trailer to a hopper bottom, Jeff has adopted the same work ethic and dedication in his business dealings today: Do whatever needs to be done to provide superior service to our customers. Just as we did back in 1976, we still retain that personal, we care philosophy not often found in business today.

Schwend is apportioned for the lower 48 states and together with a network of carriers can provide the services of a full logistics company to meet customer needs.

We have both new and late model power units and trailers that are unsurpassed by any other company in quality and dependability. We also contract lease equipment to pull our hopper and pneumatic trailers. These leased tractors are selected for their dependability and have to be maintained in such a manner as to hold up to the high integrity that we demand. We employ a balanced diverse culture of employees. Our service is provided through a dedicated logistics department and dependable, safe drivers that we are proud to call members of the Schwend, Inc., family.


Qualifications and Experience

Schwend, Inc has been in the transportation business for 43 years hauling many types of agricultural products from state to state. We have built a strong customer base in the South East, Midwest and locally that we are very proud of.

We have dedicated, dependable company drivers as well as owner-operators that are ready and willing to meet the demands of our customers with superior service and on time deliveries. For over 40 years Schwend, Inc. has been meeting the transportation needs of our customers. Our capability to be a superior trucking company speaks for itself through our dedication to our customer needs and a performance level like no other.

Schwend, Inc. offers the complete and professional service of a full-line trucking company, yet retains the personal, we-care philosophy not often found in business today. If you desire to do business with a premier bulk materials transporter, please give us a call. We would appreciate the opportunity to serve your hauling needs.







With multiple trailers to choose from and an in house logistics team, Schwend has the right equipment and personnel to meet the specific needs of our customers.

Driver Opportunities

Whether you are looking for a company, owner operator, lease contract or dedicated position; we offer competitive pay and benefits in each field.


Schwend’s logistical team is here for all your brokering needs, whether it be sporadic loads or dedicated positions.